Sunday, March 31, 2013

How do you get an upset puppy to sleep?

Last July when I decided I needed a puppy, I had no idea what I was getting myself into!
But $350 and a sketchy Craigslist meeting later, I was the proud doting mother of a 2 month old yorkie.
And it began. The sleepless nights of trying to crate train him were a disaster!
He would cry and cry and cry, and I would be heart broken and exhausted!
To this day I don't understand why crate training is such a necessity. I get wanting your dog to have a safe and secure place to relax, but if you don't plan on having your pup locked up, why put them through it? I could be totally wrong, but Wookie doesn't have a crate. He does have places and items that he has bonded with and when he's upset he goes to his places or he snuggles an item.
All I know is, my puppy sleeps in my bed every night, and when he can't sleep, I can't sleep.
My solution? Hold your dog so that they are comfortable (Wookie likes to lay on his back) and pet and soothe them until sleepy. Then slowly ease them down onto the bed and keep petting and soothing. Hopefully, your pup will not even notice and fall asleep! Good luck!
XoXo, nelisa Lauren Mansilla

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